Premises Liability in New Jersey

Regardless of what type of property a person, a company, or a municipality owns, they are responsible for making sure that property is safe for anyone to be on. If, for any reason, an individual becomes injured on a property because the owner was negligent in maintaining a safe premise, the injured party has the right to bring a personal injury lawsuit against the owner.

Property owners can be held legally and fiscally responsible if the court finds that their negligence contributed to another party’s injuries. In a personal injury lawsuit, the injured party may attempt to recover significant economic and noneconomic damages. These damages can help compensate the injured party for the medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering that the accident caused. Of course, the injured party will be subject to the burden of using evidence to prove that the property owner was negligent in maintaining a property that was free and clear of any hazards. They must also prove that the property owner knew or should have known that the hazard existed.

Some common premises liability cases include the following:

  • Slip and fall accident because of unattended snow or ice
  • Fall down accident on unsafe stairs that were loose or did not have an adequate handrail
  • Parking lot accidents
  • Supermarket accidents

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