Sole Custody Awards in New Jersey

When a couple is going through a divorce, they will have to face the difficult reality of determining a custody arrangement. Often, and understandably so, parents both want to be the custodial parent and can’t fathom the idea of not spending every day with their child. If the parents truly cannot agree on any sort of custody arrangement, the court may need to step in and make this difficult decision on their behalf.

In most situations, the court will award the parents joint custody and allow them to share parenting time. Typically, one of the parents has more time with the child than the other in a joint custody arrangement. In some cases, parents who live in close proximity to one another may be able to share custody equally.

In even rarer cases, the court may determine that one parent is not fit to care for the child and may award sole custody to the other parent. If the court believes that a parent has potential to put the child in a dangerous situation, or if the parent has a significant history of domestic violence or substance abuse issues, they are likely to award sole custody to the other parent. Of course, the court will decide this on a case by case basis.

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