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At the end of a divorce and family law matter, everyone involved hopes they can come to a conclusion and move on. However, when these decisions are made, they are made based on the current circumstances. Neither of the parties involved or the court can predict what will happen a few years down the road. That being said, court decisions are binding and if either party strays from the decision, they could face repercussions from the court. Sometimes, circumstances unexpectedly change in ways that no one could have foreseen when the decision was initially made. There are also situations in which an individual involved blatantly ignores a court order. These situations may call for the need for post-judgment legal action. It is important to have a strong legal team by your side when requesting a modification or assisting with enforcement. The attorneys at Underwood & Micklin are experienced in handling these matters for clients in South Jersey and across the state. If you require experienced and knowledgeable legal services for your family law matter, contact our firm for a consultation.

Post-judgment Modifications

At the time a judge rules, they cannot predict what circumstances will change for either party involved several years down the road. They make their decision based on the current situation of each party. Life is unpredictable and decisions made by the court may need to be modified because they no longer work for one or both parties. There are a number of different reasons why a person may need to modify their court order. In order to have a successful modification request, you will need to show the court that you have good reason for needing such a change. It is essential that even if you do request a modification to a court judgment, you abide by the initial ruling until the modification has been approved in court. If you need legal assistance requesting a modification or objecting a modification, contact Underwood & Micklin to discuss your case.

Post-judgment Enforcement

Any time a court passes a judgment, that decision is binding and both parties involved must abide by the order. If either party fails to do so, they will face serious repercussions. If one party decides not to follow the court’s order, the other party has the legal right to file a motion to enforce an order. This will allow the court to make a decision about how the matter should be handled and what consequences the party at fault should face. If you need strong legal representation in enforcing a court’s judgment, the dedicated attorneys at Underwood & Micklin are here to guide you through the process.

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