Child Support Guidelines in NJ

When parents in New Jersey get divorced, one of the factors they will have to address is that of child support. These matters can be complicated but luckily, New Jersey has implemented a set of Child Support Guidelines that makes sure the child is able to have all of his or her needs taken care of. The guidelines take a number of different factors into consideration when determining the amount of support that the parent will have to provide. Some of the factors that are considered include the following:

  • The custody arrangement
  • Each parent’s financial situation
  • Each parent’s income, assets, and liabilities
  • The child’s general and special needs
  • The age and health of each parent
  • The age and health of the child
  • The number  of children that require support
  • The earning capacity of each parent based on their training and education
  • The standard of living that the child has grown accustomed to

When a child support order is issued, the parent is obligated to continue to support the child until they are emancipated. If the child is disabled or goes on to pursue higher education such as college or trade school, the support may continue until they are 23 years old. In fact, some parents may be legally responsible for paying the college expenses. In all other cases, the child support ends at 19 years old.

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