Ardith Micklin

The quality of a law firm is not just measured by the efforts of its attorneys, but also by the level of service provided by its firm’s support staff. No individual exemplifies this more than Underwood & Micklin firm administrator, Ardith Micklin. Since joining the firm in 2013, Ardith has brought a new level of organizational and administrative skills to the organization and the firm’s clients. These skills have proven critical to delivering high-quality legal services to our clients quickly and effectively.

Beyond managing much of the firm’s day to day operations, Ardith also serves as a client liaison. She is familiar with most, if not all of the firm’s cases. Thus, whether the matter involves family law, a personal injury, criminal law or bankruptcy, Ardith is there to help individuals and families get through the legal process. In the rare event that an attorney is not available, Ardith can provide you with answers to your questions — and if she can’t answer them, she’ll make sure she finds someone who can.

At every quality law firm, there is usually one key individual who makes the office run, that clients are satisfied with and that work is implemented expeditiously. At Underwood & Micklin, Ardith is that “go to” person.