Spousal Support in New Jersey

When couples in New Jersey make the decision to get divorced, one of the factors that they may have to address is whether spousal support is necessary. It is important to note that the term “spousal support” is interchangeable with “alimony.” Though spousal support is not necessary in all divorces, it is important to go into your divorce with an idea of how it may benefit you if the court determines this would be suitable for your situation. There are four different types of spousal support in New Jersey.

Open durational alimony is the only form of spousal support that does not have a set end date. This is only for marriages that lasted more than 20 years. If one party’s circumstances significantly change, they can modify or terminate alimony with permission from the court.

Limited duration alimony is for marriages that lasted less than 20 years. The court will determine a date in which the alimony obligation ends. The goal is simply to help the dependent party become financially independent.

Rehabilitative alimony applies to short-term marriages where one spouse put off his or her life goals for the family. This spousal support can pay for that individual’s schooling or vocational training to help their career advance.

Reimbursement alimony exists to essentially pay back the spouse who supported the other while they were pursuing education.

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