What rights do employees have under OSHA?

No matter where an individual is employed, it is important that they make themselves aware of their rights as an employee. Many employee rights regarding the right to a safe workplace are protected by the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. This act and its governing body, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration was created by Congress in an effort to protect employees. It is important that employers make themselves aware of what safety measures they must provide their workers.

Employees are responsible for making sure they provide their workers with safety training, safety equipment, and safe machinery for workers to use. If an employee becomes injured because their employer failed to abide by OSHA regulations, they may be able to bring a claim. Another important factor to note about the Occupational Safety and Health Act is that if a worker reports an OSHA violation made by their employer, the employer is prohibited from taking retaliatory actions against the employee. If an employer takes retaliatory actions against a whistleblower employee, they may face further penalties.

It is important for employees to hold their employers accountable for making sure they provide a safe workplace. If you believe that your employer has violated the Occupational Safety and Health Act and were injured as a result, speak with an experienced attorney today.

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