How can social media impact a lawsuit in NJ?

Today, people throughout New Jersey, the United States, and the world are connected with each other on social media platforms. It seems as though sharing details, big and small, about one’s life on social media is considered the norm and unfortunately, many people don’t realize the serious impacts that sharing so much online can have. This is especially true when an individual is involved in a lawsuit. Our firm is well versed in guiding clients through various types of lawsuits, from personal injury to divorce and family law to bankruptcy. We understand the impacts that posting on social media can have on one’s case and encourage clients to be careful when they are involved in a legal matter. Here are a few examples of the ways social media can impact different types of lawsuits:

Divorce and family law: as emotional as matters of divorce and family law are, it is important that those involved do not discuss any aspects of the case on social media. Words about an ex-spouse can be twisted the wrong way and ultimately have a negative impact on one’s divorce settlement or matters of child custody.

Bankruptcy: If an individual posts about a lavish vacation, a new car, or gifts they are giving during a bankruptcy case, red flags may be raised about access to hidden funds. This can effectively ruin one’s chances at bankruptcy.

Personal injury: After an accident caused by another party, it is important to be aware that the injured party is being monitored online and in-person by insurance companies to ensure that the victim is not exaggerating their claims and is not quite as injured as they claimed to be.

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