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Winter will soon be upon us and as everyone in New Jersey knows, that means snow and ice are coming, too. Winter can be treacherous and we all have a responsibility to make sure our properties and homes are clear of all wet leaves, ice, and obstacles that could cause injury to others.

Despite knowing this, many don’t take this responsibility seriously. People get hurt every year in slip and fall accidents that could easily have been avoided. People often sustain life-altering injuries or suffer damage to their bodies that will never properly heal.

If this happens to you, it will be more devastating than you think. In that instance, you need attorneys who can make sure you don’t suffer financially as well as physically. Your best allies in this situation are Underwood & Micklin Attorneys at Law.

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When someone has shirked their responsibilities and you end up injured, it shouldn’t be you that has to bear the brunt of it. Underwood & Micklin have dedicated their careers to helping injured parties get restitution and payment of medical bills. They are here for you if the worst happens.

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If you are injured in a slip and fall accident and are suffering physically and financially, the professionals at Underwood and Micklin are here for you. Contact our law offices for more information on how we can restore your life and finances.