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If you’ve been injured through no fault of your own, you have a right to restitution. Your life has been disrupted. Your career may have been damaged. There has been real pain and suffering, and possibly even chaos in your personal life as a result of someone else’s negligence.

What you may not realize is you do have options for recovery. With fair compensation to help get your life back on track, you can go forward with a positive outlook. We’re here to help you get the restitution you deserve so you can begin the healing process without worrying about possible financial devastation.

Why We’re Your Best Option for Personal Injury Claims Near NJ

Underwood & Micklin are certified civil trial attorneys in the state of New Jersey. Why does this matter? It means an attorney has been recognized by New jersey’s Superior Court as having the required levels of experience, education, expertise, and skill for Civil Trial Practice. Only attorneys who meet the Supreme Court’s exacting standards can qualify for this designation.

Requirements for Civil Trial Practice:

  • 5+ years of good standing with the New Jersey Bar
  • Fulfilled Ongoing Educational Requirements
  • Many years experience in civil trial law
  • Held in good standing by legal colleagues and judges
  • Passed a civil trial law examination

How Our NJ Personal Injury Law Firm Can Help

Personal injury through no fault of your own encompasses many things. Our team of legal experts is qualified to protect your rights in the following areas:

–      Motor Vehicle Accidents

–      Slip & Fall Accidents

–      Victims of Crime

–      Defective Product Injuries

–      Workplace Injuries

If you have been involved in an accident that resulted in injury, we’re here to help.

Experienced NJ Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys

Driving in the United States is a fact of life for most of us. We drive every day to work, to go shopping, and to take care of necessities. But sometimes just being on the road with irresponsible drivers can result in an injury to you or a loved one. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time can mean your life is changed forever.

When an accident injury occurs, you do have legal recourse for personal injury claims, and we’re here to make sure that injury doesn’t devastate you financially.

Types of NJ Personal Injury Claims for Accident Injury

–     Traffic Accidents. This is by far the most common type of accident that causes injury. It can be caused by irresponsible driving in bad weather, an intoxicated driver, or a careless operator. In New Jersey, your injury is covered under Personal Injury Protection or PIP. This means at a minimum your lost wages and medical bills are partially covered. But depending on your insurance, it might not cover everything. That’s when you need an expert legal team by your side.

–     Mass Transit Accidents. As convenient as mass transit is, it isn’t infallible. Traveling by bus or rail can result in personal injury through negligent operation or lax maintenance of equipment. Establishing fault is crucial to getting the financial compensation you need following an injury. An experienced attorney is needed to get the facts and establish fault.

–     Biking Accidents. Biking is a wonderful outdoor activity and a great way to see our beautiful state. But it isn’t without risk. Even wearing a helmet can’t protect you from negligent or careless drivers. If you are injured by a driver while riding your bike, you may be partially covered by PIP. But for the remainder of compensation, you need a legal team to fight for your rights.

–     Pedestrian Accidents. Pedestrians are the most vulnerable in traffic. Even if you obey every law, a careless driver may cause injury to you or a loved one. This type of injury can also be the most devastating, both physically and financially. We’re the team you need fighting on your side for the restitution you deserve.

Slip & Fall Personal Injury Claims

Slip and fall accidents are often the objects of jokes. But when they happen to you, they’re no joke! If you fall as a result of an uneven sidewalk left unrepaired, an icy sidewalk that hasn’t been properly cleaned, or a sidewalk blocked by debris left by a homeowner, you can get compensation for negligence.

Every commercial and residential property owner knows it is their responsibility to keep clear walkways in front of their homes or businesses. When that doesn’t happen and you suffer a personal injury, you have options.

–                     Sidewalk & Parking Lot Accidents. If you fall in front of private property and experience personal injury, the homeowner’s insurer will negotiate on their behalf to render compensation to the injured party. The same is true if you fall in a business parking lot. However, in extreme weather events, a certain amount of time must pass before they are considered liable. After 24-48 hours if the snow, ice, or debris that caused your accident still hasn’t been removed, you have a strong injury case.

–                     Snow & Ice Accidents. As stated above, a certain time must pass to prove a residential or commercial property owner’s negligence. Each township determines its own parameters for this time frame.

–                     Supermarket Accidents. Did you know that grocery shopping results in thousands of injuries every year in the United States? It can be heavy goods falling from shelves, blocked aisles, or broken jars, or liquid not cleaned up promptly that results in slip and fall injuries. If you fall as a result of being in a supermarket, the first person to inform is the store manager. Then you call an experienced attorney for compensation to cover medical bills and lost wages.

–                     Municipal Accidents. Timing is of great importance if you are injured on government property. After 90 days, your claim could be irrelevant. Document everything as soon as possible and contact an expert injury attorney as quickly as possible.

Documentation is Vital in Slip & Fall Cases

Without evidence, there is no case. In slip and fall accident cases evidence can be removed very quickly. It is vital therefore that you or someone who was with you when you have injured documents the conditions, the injuries, and gets contact information from any witnesses to the accident.

Get medical help immediately and keep all records from your treatment as well as billing statements as they arrive.

Crime Victim Personal Injury Claims

When you or a loved one is harmed or killed as the result of a crime, it is not only shocking but can wreak havoc on your life financially, emotionally, and physically. Our skilled team has handled hundreds of cases over the years and we’ve seen just how traumatic it is for families all over New Jersey.

Depending on the circumstances, New jersey’s crime Victim Law may allow you to bring a civil suit for financial damages.

We handle personal injury claims involving:

–                   Shootings

–                   ATM Robberies

–                   Burglary

–                   Rape

–                   Child Molestation

–                   DUI Victims

–                   Bar Altercations

–                   Alcohol Liability

–                   Bar Owner Liability

NJ Criminal vs Civil Cases

There is a big difference for you as a victim when it comes to criminal and civil cases. Yes, a criminal case will bring you justice for the crime committed against you, but it won’t cover the financial or physical aftermath that puts your life in a tailspin. Only a civil case can bring you the restitution you need to pay medical bills, compensate for lost wages, and any physical or psychological care you need to move forward.

A civil case can bring you compensation for pain and suffering, medical costs, lost wages or job, permanent injury, funeral expenses, immediate expenses, and punitive damages. A criminal case gets you none of these things and they are the practical help you need to rebuild your life.

Defective Product NJ Personal Injury Claims

When you buy a product, the last thing you expect is an injury. Sometimes these injuries can be overlooked, like small cuts or bruises. Other times they can be quite serious or even cause permanent physical damage. If this happens to you, an experienced defective product lawyer is what you need for restitution.

Defective product cases include:

–     Product Defects

–     Design Defects

–     Manufacturing Flaws

–     Failure to Warn (disclaimer neglect)

As with most injury cases, meticulous documentation of the product, product flaws, injuries, and medical care is necessary to move your case forward. It’s also possible that you aren’t the only one injured using a defective product. An experienced attorney is needed to help you go up against manufacturing or distributive corporations.

Workplace Accident NJ Personal Injury Claims

Whether you work indoors or outdoors, at a desk or in a factory, injuries happen. If you become injured at work, your employer may attempt to deflect any injury claim. If this is the case, you need an attorney by your side as quickly as possible. A great workplace injury lawyer will negotiate on your behalf and cut through the misdirection your employer may use to avoid the case.

NJ Worker Compensation Cases / Third-Party Cases

Many times this type of injury claim ends up being a dispute between the employer and the union you belong to. Each party is representing their own interests, and not necessarily your interests. Having your own attorney is vital to getting the result you need.

NJ Personal Injury Claims: The Bottom Line

Many people who have suffered a personal injury through no fault of their own are hesitant to bring a case for compensation. This is of course a personal decision that rests with the injured party. However, many months after an injury your situation could change. Injuries that were not evident immediately can develop. You could have trouble performing your duties adequately at work and lose your job. You could develop psychological problems stemming from the incident and need care. Don’t wait for this unfortunate scenario to develop. Get the restitution you need while you can. Protect yourself now.

No matter how your personal injury occurred, the only one who can make sure your interests are protected is you. You need to retain the services of an attorney whose only job is taking care of you. A compassionate lawyer with extensive courtroom experience is the best option for not only adequate compensation but just compensation.

That’s who we are. That’s what we do.

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