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Bankruptcy. Just saying it can cause you heartbreak and stress. You never thought you could end up here. No one does. But it can happen to anyone. If you own a business it’s difficult in the best of times. But when bad times come, sometimes you just can’t see how to survive and have to make the hardest decision of your life.

But bankruptcy doesn’t mean the end. With a legal expert on your side, it can mean a new beginning without all the stress. If you’re facing a personal or business bankruptcy there’s only one law firm you’ll ever need to help you navigate the process successfully. That legal team is Underwood and Micklin.

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We understand what a difficult decision bankruptcy is. That’s why we get to know you and your unique situation to take advantage of legal tools that will get you the best outcome for you and your family’s future. We handle all court communication, filings, depositions, and documentation so you can concentrate on your next step.

Our expert legal team also offers services for cases of personal injury, family law, custody disputes, and criminal law. We’re the dedicated partner you need when facing any legal issue and we’ll be right by your side throughout the entire process.

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Don’t let an inexperienced law firm handle what may be the most important legal issue of your life. Our knowledgeable team is waiting to assist you with more information about our services. Contact us today and let’s move forward together.