The “new” New Jersey Termination of Child Support Act

On January 19, 2016, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed into law the New Jersey Termination of Child Support Act. The new law (also known as the New Jersey Emancipation Statute) promises to have a dramatic impact on how long parties in a divorce can expect to pay or receive child support. It specifically establishes 19 as the age when support payments are no longer required.

Before payors get too ecstatic, it is important to understand that individuals can request an extension of support until the child reaches the age of 23 when:

  • The dependent is still in high school
  • The child is attending college, vocational or graduate school
  • Is physically or mentally disabled
  • It continues the support granted by the courts for special circumstances

Of course, the individual parties are free to negotiate a separate agreement on their own as well. The new law goes into effect on February 1, 2017.

If you believe your level of support payment may be affected by this statute, or if you would simply like more information, contact Underwood & Micklin.