Post Judgment Modifications in New Jersey

When an individual in New Jersey goes through a divorce or family law matter, the final agreement is legally binding. With that said, the judge that initially ruled on the matter has no idea what lies in the future of those involved. Of course, the decision was made based on the set of facts and circumstances that were relevant at the time of the ruling. Over time, however, circumstances may change for one of the parties involved and the initial judgment may need to be revisited. When circumstances do change, it is essential that the party who is faced with a new situation does not make any changes on their own and requests a modification through the court so they do not find themselves in legal trouble. Some of the matters that frequently need to be modified in New Jersey include child support, spousal support, child custody, child visitation, and relocation in or out of state.

In order for an individual to successfully modify a court order, they will have to meet a high standard. They may have to show that their circumstances have changed very significantly and therefore, they cannot continue abiding by the initial court order. If the matter that needs to be modified involves a child, the court will want to be sure that the requested modification is in the best interests of the child.

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