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Personal injury can happen to anyone at any time. One day your life is wonderful and the next you’re in the hospital with debilitating injuries. You are missing work; possibly about to lose your job and the hospital bills are piling up. Thousands of Americans each year are victims of personal injuries through no fault of their own and it causes devastation to their lives.

It goes beyond physical pain. Psychological trauma can also set in, wrecking your ability to heal. It can also cause marital or family strife. On top of all that, financial woes pile up as you lose work due to your injury. In this situation, you need help fast. You need a legal advocate who can argue your case in court and get the restitution you rightfully deserve. You need Underwood & Micklin Attorneys at Law.

Experienced Legal Help for Personal Injuries

We handle all the complicated documents, filings, and phone calls so you can concentrate on getting well. Whether you’ve suffered injury from a motorcycle or work accident, slip and fall, or faulty product, we’re here to fight for the compensation that can make your life whole again. And no one will fight harder for you and your family than we will.

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