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Personal injury can be devastating. It can affect not only your physical well-being; but also your ability to work, your state of mind, and your family harmony. Through no fault of their own, thousands of Americans fall victim to the negligence or malice of others and find themselves in a tailspin of agony.

Motorcycle and workplace accidents, slip and falls as well as injury from faulty products are common causes of personal injury. The victim suffers physically, of course. But the peripheral psychological and financial damages can oftentimes be even worse. If this has happened to you, there’s only one law firm you need to call: Underwood & Micklin. You need an ally to stand up and fight for you. We can help you win the restitution to make your family whole again.

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We understand that physical pain is only the beginning of your suffering. Psychological trauma can affect you for months or even years. This makes it hard to keep your job. That’s when the financial woes kick in. No one should have to suffer these losses through no fault of their own. That’s why we’ve dedicated our careers to helping victims just like you.

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