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Distinguished Divorce Lawyers in Nutley, NJ

You’re getting divorced. And maybe it isn’t your choice. But you realize there isn’t anything more you can do and you accept it. You discuss things with your spouse and think an agreement is in place so things progress smoothly. Suddenly you get a document from the court that puts things into a completely different situation.

Sadly, many people don’t adhere to agreements they’ve made in good faith. Your soon to be ex-spouse is now one of them. What do you do in this situation? You did not prepare for a bare-knuckle fight in court but that’s what you’ve been handed. The answer is to hire the best advocate you can have. You need to call Underwood & Micklin Attorneys at Law.

Nutley’s Top Divorce Attorney Is on Your Side

You need legal experts in family law who have seen these kinds of scenarios happen and know how to respond. The right attorney can protect you from negative outcomes like unfairly exorbitant child support or alimony payments. You don’t want to be greedy; you just want it fair to everyone, including you. Underwood & Micklin will ensure you get a fair day in court.

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We understand how daunting a divorce can be, especially if it wasn’t your choice. We’re here to protect your financial and familial rights. Contact us today for a free consultation. We’ll explain the process and our strategy to get you through this difficult event.