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Underwood & Micklin- The Lawyers that Fight for You!John Underwood and Andrew Micklin inside of a Court Room

Since 1996, Underwood and Micklin have been fighting for their client’s rights and treat each client with respect, passion, and determination.

Underwood & Micklin, LLC, is a Full Service Law Firm concentrating in Personal Injury, Work Related Injuries, Family Law, Criminal/Municipal, Estate Planning (Wills), Real Estate and Bankruptcy. Our attorneys handle Personal Injury, Work Related Injuries, Divorce, Alimony, Support, Custody, post Divorce matters, all motions, criminal matters, Municipal Court, Worker’s Compensation matters,  Wills, Powers of Attorney, Real Estate, and Bankruptcy.

We regularly appear in the Superior, Worker’s Compensation, and Municipal Courts throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We are dedicated to your personal needs, and believe in giving your case the attention it deserves. We adhere to the highest legal and ethical standards, and fight for your interests.  We have been in practice full time since 1996 and have a solid reputation in the legal community. You will find us to be prompt, straightforward, and responsive to your questions. We are experienced attorneys who can help you.

We strive to deliver personal attention to detail and to build a relationship with you as the client based on mutual trust and respect.

From the moment you call you will quickly be transferred to one of our attorneys. Responsiveness is something we take very seriously at Underwood and Micklin and therefore calls and emails are returned promptly given a situation where an attorney is not immediately available.

Our 4 offices are conveniently located in:

Cherry Hill, Nutely, Vineland, and Linwood , New Jersey.

Our professional staff offers a Free Consultation to allow you to speak with an experienced attorney.

This website is not for legal advice, but information about the Law Offices of Underwood & Micklin, LLC, to allow you to make an informed choice. We look forward to contributing to the success of your endeavors, and helping you with your personalized legal needs.

Evening and Weekend Appointments are available. Home and Hospital Visits are available for Personal Injury and Worker’s Compensation matters.